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  • Dear Ridgefield Planning & Zoning Commission:

    I urge your strong support for the Ridgefield Winter Club proposal, which will combine a strong family-focused premier facility with an outdoor ice skating rink -- and fill a void in our town for families who want the opportunity for outdoor winter recreation, and social events.

    The Ridgefield Winter Club will replace a deteriorating, older commercial property with a freshly landscaped and unique, wintertime private club that will enrich our community and help attract families.

    The Club will operate seasonally, and through its design will house its parking on site and shield the surrounding neighborhood from any residual light or noise. Attendance will largely consist of members and their guests, which will have a similar traffic pattern to other private clubs in town that experience little to no traffic issues.

    Additionally, the Ridgefield Winter Club will make a positive economic contribution through new jobs and an increase in the tax revenue the property generates for the town by an estimated five times the current amount paid in property taxes.

    This Club will be an important addition to the Ridgefield community, further differentiate us from surrounding towns, and help make Ridgefield a desirable place to live for families for years to come.

    I hope you will approve the Ridgefield Winter Club proposal.


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